Messaging solutions crafted for every business requirement

A hassle free, reliable and optimized delivery associated with global carriers across the world in 87+ languages by using single API. Seamlessly concatenating lengthy messages in subscriber selected language.

Seamlessly automate opt-in / opt-out lists by our inbuilt messaging logic and shorten URLs to make CTAs effective and track subscriber behaviour.


2 Factor

Authenticate each registration with a two factor authentication and OTP's for secured transactions. 


Take out the boringness from bulk messaging! Qikberry helps you solve the “what, when, where” riddle. Delight your customers with offers.


24x7 one-to-one message processed at the rate of 3K/SMS per second with speedy and timely delivery for critical messages ON TIME.


Click TO caLL

cloud ivr

Create a short URL using our advanced short link and easily track the number of clicks and all the necessary data of the customers.

Trigger browser/app based calls easily with click 2 call. It helps agents and customers to get in touch  with the company by just clicking a button on your website.

Interactive voice response is a technology that allows your call flows like a breeze. Giving your customers a rich experience as they get connected with agents.

missed call

Enable customers to reach you at their convenience. Miss call widget allows customers to register votes during campaigns, polls, confirm order etc.

hlr lookup

HLR lookup provides real-time, key information about every single mobile number across the world. It enables businesses to improve their campaign and know their target audience by offering a  accurate database.

number masking

Call Masking is a technology that is used to safeguard your customer’s privacy by connecting them with your agents without exposing their real phone numbers.

Build, deploy and track messaging programs.

Design and build personalized mobile experiences to capture the attention of new and existing customers.

Connect across multiple channels.

Increase customer satisfaction and decrease costs by using messaging to address questions, route inquiries with greater efficiency, and provide timely transactional information.

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